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Strenghten your Employer Branding? We are optimizing it for you!

Strenghten your Employer Branding? We are optimizing it for you!

Employer Branding

Show the unique character of your organization to strengthen your Employer Brand. By doing so, you recruit and retain the right employees as an employer. Candidates do not only seek a new job, but also an employer that suits them!

Attracting the right employees, that's what it's all about. Employees who fit the identity of your company. Who help to build it. Having a good image is essential. Because it is ultimately the labor market that determines how strong your Employer Brand is. But how do you take your Employer Brand to a higher level? Ceres can help you with that.


What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is about the company reputation. Building an authentic and distinctive preference position among (potential) employees and their influencers. What is the purpose of this? Binding new talent to the organization, creating engagement with current employees and putting the company on the market as an attractive employer.

If you are seen as an attractive employer, it is interesting for potential candidates to come and work for you. In addition, your own employees can act as ambassadors.

A strong Employer Brand show to candidates what your organization stands for: what are the mission, vision and goals of the organization and what organizational culture is involved? Like this candidates can find out whether they would fit within your organization and the chance of a mis-match is reduced.

What can Ceres do for you?

Ceres can help you to strengthen your Employer Brand. We start the Employer Brand campaign with finding out the characteristics on which the organization distinguishes itself from other organizations. We will highlight these characteristics prominently in the job profile and use them in the procedure.

On our website we will use the 'look & feel' of your organization. We do this by presenting your logo and self-chosen image of your organization. We also use spot colors from your logo when presenting the vacancy on our website.

In addition, Ceres considers the candidate experience to be of paramount importance. Our consultants have knowledge of the market and are able to have interviews with the right content. We always work in a professional manner. A candidate will always have a positive feeling about the process and your organization even when the candidate is rejected.

Such an Employer Brand campaign helps if you want to increase your name recognition or visibility. And with this you will also receive more (qualitative) applications on your vacancy(s).


Optimal position on the labor market

Do you want strong positioning and name recognition in the labor market? Do you want to be at the top of the list of potential candidates? And that the candidates on the job market know what your company stands for? Then contact one of our consultants. We are happy to help you.