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Lasland (KRONEN® Group)

Lasland Sp. z o.o. is part of (the privately owned) KRONEN® Group, a global player in the production of highest quality professional substrates and potting soils. The Group consists of six companies with own area of operations, where great focus is put on sharing information to reach the highest level of knowledge within the Group. The company Lasland Sp. z o.o. employs 100 people whose commitment and expertise, in combination with state-of-the-art production facilities, enables the company to offer world top-class products around the world.

Lasland, located in Grądy (zachodniopomorskie) nearby the Polish coast, is the Group’s main raw material source and production site for professional substrates as well as retail potting soils, bark and wood fibre. The site is unique because it is managing its own peat bogs and simultaneously operating its own wood fibre plant.