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Selected careers in food & agri

Do you want to work abroad? Our clients operate in cross-border businesses. That is why Ceres Poland, together with its clients, pushes boundaries in the search for the 'selected candidates'.

Ceres works not only from Poland, but also from its own offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy and is therefore in contact with their wide international and global food & agri network.

International vacancies

Are you looking for an employee for your company abroad or  are you looking for someone with international knowledge of the food and agri sector? You can contact us so we can recruitment the right international candidates.

As an international recruitment agency in the food and agri sector, we have several years of experience in fullfilling vacancies abroad. We are known for our wide international network and we are therefore often approached by international working companies.

More information about working abroad

Check out our international page for more information about our vacancies abroad. You can find more information about having international vacancies posted there or you can look at our recent international vacancies on our vacancies page.

Contact Ceres International

Do you have questions about our vacancies or about posting an international vacancy with us? Contact us. Together we discuss how we can meet your wishes.


Selected careers in food & agri