Selected people in food & agri

New corporate identity Ceres

New corporate identity Ceres

We proudly present to you our new corporate identity!
Ceres is known to you by the yellow sunflower that protrudes above ground level. In the new verion the sunflower has become a lot more abstract, but the basic sunflower remains.

How are the values and the story of Ceres translated into this corporate identity? How does the new corporate identity coincide with the new developments within Ceres? And what do the colors tell? In this news item, we like to take you along in these aspects.


Why a new corporate identity?
Ceres wants to lead the way in the market and has allready introduced a number of important issues.

Digital search
Our search department with Young Professionals has been further professionalised. We work with the most modern techniques and algorithms to reach the best candidates in the market.

Employer Branding
In addition, Ceres has taken major steps in the field of Job Marketing and Employer Branding. Ceres not only wants to expand her own branding, we also want to help our customers to position them as an attractive employer.

In short: all these modern developments within Ceres also require a corporate identity and a website that is completely of this time!

What does the new logo illustrate?
The new Ceres logo is still the familiar sunflower, but in a modern way. The special feature of the new logo is that the golden ratio has been incorporated in it. The golden ratio is a mathematical starting point in which each block of vision relates to other blocks through the golden ration, creating a spiral.

The golden ratio is not strange in nature either. For example, there are many snails with a snail house in which the spiral with the same proportions can be found. But also in our body the golden ratio occurs frequently.

Another well-known example of the golden ratio are the seeds of the sunflower. By arranging the seeds in the heart, the flower can hold the most seeds. And the more seeds, the greater the chance of successful planting!

The fact that the golden ratio is now also included in our logo has a double meaning. First, it is the development of the sunflower from our old logo. The new dots are still an abstract form of the original sunflower.

Secondly, Ceres is of course planning to plant more and more seeds in the most efficient way to achieve the most successful matches between employer and candidate.


The new slogan
The slogan 'Selected People in Food & Agri' shows that Ceres can place the right person at the right place in the food & agri market. The placed candidate is not just someone who can do the job, but someone who makes the difference!

In addition, ‘Selected People’ also refers to the team of Ceres. They are not 'just' team members, but people who also want to make the difference. They all practice their profession with enthusiasm and bring out the best in each other. Only the best is good enough for them!


How are the core values of Ceres translated into this corporate identity?
The core values of Ceres are: professionalism, quality, personality and integrity. These values are expressed by the following colors. Blue stands for quality and professionalism. Yellow stands for personality and integrity. This combination of apparent contradictions is also reflected in the font. It is a business font, with playful elements in the letters at the same time.

We hope you will find our new corporate identity as beautiful as we do!